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Perfect products for
an active childhood

Portrait Tilo Eichinger

Dear eibe customer,
Do you remember how much you loved swings and
roundabouts as a child; or how proud you were
when you first braved that daring slide?
Here at eibe, we have always been fascinated by
the magic of play. Our products are specifically
designed to encourage children to be physically
active outdoors and in the fresh air. How do we
achieve this? With a myriad of different play worlds
that excite, engage and stimulate the senses, while
always retaining a focus on safety and education.
We know that you enjoy the thrill of children‘s
laughter at play time as much as we do –
maybe soon, the fun will be even greater
in your own newly-built playground!

Best regards,
Unterschrift Tilo Eichinger
Tilo Eichinger
CEO and owner

Vision and Obligation
Who we are
What we make
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Vision and Obligation

Vision describes the specific wishes and market goals that the company is reaching for mid- and long-term. These usually can not be directed or changed on a short-term basis because they are anchored in the hearts and minds of the management and the employees.

eibe obligation demands that all target audiences be fair and competent partners. Because of this, the eibe vision states:

Nurture children, challenge teenagers, help adults and senior citizens

This obligation is based on the versatility of eibe, the complete provider, whose achievements and products, do justice to the most diverse requirements and demands.

we are

eibe is an inspirational playground builder.
Throughout our illustrious history, we have maintained a childlike delight in all play related things. As a traditional family-run business, we know exactly what children need and what makes them happy. We pride ourselves on being a play partner to our little counterparts, and as a building associate to the grown-ups!.

we make

eibe creates new environments with imaginative play systems. We continually invent bespoke playspaces with their own unique identity and soul. Our products are versatile and varied – they are sure to inspire children and adults alike!

we work

eibe playspaces can be found all around the world. Whether it‘s an adventuresome pirate paradise or an indoor tunneling terrain, a public or private playground, eibe is synonymous with imagination and creativity.

we think

Our highly functional play equipment and imaginative play worlds capture children‘s hearts, impress technical experts and inspire educationalists. eibe products are innovative, creative and well-researched.