eibe Services (Playground)

eibe – Service from the start

eibe services are well thought-out – free basic services with premium services available as an option.

Basic services
  • Advice by an eibe specialist on site
  • Individual planning of playgrounds
  • Generation of budgets and quotations
  • Modern, large-scale 3D planning (total and detail plans)
  • Detailed and comprehensible assembly and maintenance instructions
  • Detailed list of spare parts with article numbers
  • eibe grants up to 12 year’s warranty against decomposition and fungal decay
  • TÜV certified safety
  • Worldwide sales network
  • Global maintenance and service
Premium services
  • Main inspection of playgrounds
  • Assembly of play equipment
  • Installation management
  • Maintenance agreements for eibe playground equipment
  • Project management

Expert Advice
Project Management
Main Inspection



eibe expert advice on site

eibe expert advice on site

The eibe sales system is distributed all over the world. Its aim is to help all customers to find the best solution for their application. Our eibe specialists are at your disposal and happy to advise you free of charge with your projects and problems.

The service comprises:
  • Visit on site
  • Advice on site
  • Suggestions for furnishing and appropriate support
  • Clearly understandable offers
  • After-sales services

Customer satisfaction thanks to consistent product concepts

Customer satisfaction thanks to consistent product concepts
  1. Ergonomics, physical activity and social integration:

    The eibe play equipment meet the requirements of the addressed age group in terms of proportions and degree of difficulty. Being physically active is beneficial for the health of adolescents. eibe play equipment encourages the user to play actively. Playgrounds are used by toddlers, children, and teenagers from all population and culture groups with widely different requirements and preferences. eibe play equipment enhance communication and exchange between all user groups.

  2. Design and communication:

    • eibe play equipment has design attributes that clearly indicate the targeted user group (age, needs) and the function of the unit.
    • eibe play equipment has uniform, clearly visible labels.
    • Your benefits: For example: – wear-intensive rungs are made of stainless steel, the side members of the ladder are made of wood for a better ecobalance.
  3. Long service life:

    • Warranty: five years' warranty for all elements apart from the wear parts; two years' warranty on wear parts; easy replacement
    • High-quality joining technique
    • Our superior know-how is visible in the positive joints -> eibe joining technique convinces by positive fit and sophisticated design (use of forms, colours, materials, consistency and multiple usage)
    • Material and function: Material mix – combines functions and materials, for example stainless steel rungs; metal and HPL play elements
    • Climate zones: extreme heat and cold, moisture; ecobalance of the developed products under consideration of all influencing factors, e.g. production and processing of the material, freight, assembly, etc.
    • Recyclability: identification of the material, permissibility in the respective national markets, disposal; resistance against vandalism: sturdy design to withstand medium-high inclination to violence by children
  4. Price:

    Continuous cost control forms the basis for a fair price-performance-ratio. The long product lifecycle and the continuous improvements assure you that your investment will retain its value for a long time.

  5. Safety:

    The health of all users is close to eibe's heart.
    All eibe products are certified!

Professional project management for successful realization of your planned equipment

Professional project management for successful realization of your planned equipment

You have an idea. We will convert it into a concrete graphic conceptual design. Based on your idea, these drafts focus on feasibility. In cooperation with you, we specify the individual steps and costs for the implementation of your project. In the end, you will be surprised how easy it was to create your tailor-made playscape.
Your project is important for you, and we take it very seriously as well. For this reason, our project managers work in a team of internal specialists. Thus, you will profit from the wide range of special know-how of all involved departments of our house while dealing with a project managers as your dedicated responsible contact person.

After our first meeting, your project will proceed in the following steps:
  1. design phase
  2. planning phase
  3. offer phase
  4. order planning
  5. order implementation
  6. acceptance / handover
  7. service phase

Reliable assembly and installation services

Reliable assembly and installation services

Generally, eibe products are mounted pursuant to the regulations specified in the German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB). Furthermore, the general terms and conditions of eibe apply.

Where eibe warranty regulations go beyond VOB regulations in terms of scope and period, for example the 5 or 10 years of warranty granted by eibe, such eibe warranty regulations supersede those pursuant to the VOB.

Comprehensive maintenance for a long service life

Comprehensive maintenance for a long service life

Please see the following guideline for advice and information on the statutory bases on inspection, maintenance, and repair of playground equipment:

  1. Legal principles for safety

    1. on children's playgrounds

      In Germany, the safety principles for playground equipment are defined in the following acts, regulations and standards:

      • Acts:
        • Bundesbaugesetz (Federal Building Act),
        • Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (German Civil Code) (§ 823),
        • Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz (German Code on Equipment and Product Safety) (GPSG).
      • Technical basis:
        • Accident prevention regulations of the Public Sector Accident Insurers,
        • DIN standards,
        • DIN EN standards.
    2. Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (German Civil Code) § 823 [Tort Liability]

      "Someone who by an unlawful act or omission intentionally or negligently causes damage to another person’s life, health, freedom, property, or another right, shall be liable to compensate for the resulting damage."
      This section regulates the question of liability.

    3. German Act on Technical Equipment (Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz – GPSG / Code on Equipment and Product Safety)

      §§ 4 and 5 of the GPSG regulate the basic requirements in safety and health compatibility of technical equipment (§4) and consumer products (§5).

      § 5 para. 1 through 2 stipulates requirements in the material properties of consumer products beyond the requirements of § 4 para. 1. To meet the stipulations of the GPSG, eibe closely cooperates with TÜV Süd, LGA, and other external test organizations.

  2. Organization of inspections, maintenance, and repair

    When the technical regulations are observed during design and construction of the play equipment, it is largely guaranteed that the children will be safe when using it. But it is important that this degree of safety is kept up by due inspection, maintenance and repair of the equipment. Standard DIN EN1176, part 7 "Instructions for installation, inspection, maintenance and operation" provides regulations for this aspect.

Annual main inspection for safety over a long service life

Annual main inspection for safety over a long service life

The main inspection is a service comprising an external, neutral playground check with safety guarant.

eibe warranty

Twelve years

Garantie auf Standsicherheit, gegen Fäulnis und Pilzbefall auf alle "eibe resistant playground timber" (eibe rpt) Massivholz- und Verbundwerkstoffbauteile.

Ten years

Garantie auf Standsicherheit, gegen Fäulnis und Pilzbefall auf alle RAL kesseldruckimprägnierten Hölzer.

Metall u. a.
Garantie auf Standsicherheit, gegen durchrosten verzinkter, pulverbeschichteter und Edelstahl Bauelemente. Garantie auf Funktion und Bruchfestigkeit bei allen HPL-Teilen.

Five years

Holz, Metall u. a.
Garantie gegen Bruch, Funktionsstörungen, bedingt durch Konstruktion, Verarbeitung und Materialauswahl auf alle weiteren verwendeten Materialien.

Schaukellager, Wipplager, Lager von bewegungsaktiven Plattformen, Spiralfedern, Schaukelsitze.

Two years

Holz, Metall u. a., Verschleißteile
Garantie gegen Funktionsstörungen und Bruch auf alle weiteren beweglichen Teile wie weitere Lager, Netze.


Fachgerechte Montage, regelmäßige Wartung und Inspektion gemäß EN 1176-7 und eibe Garantiepass. Verwendung von Original Ersatzteilen.

Ausgenommen von der Garantie

Natürliche Holzeigenschaften, nutzungsbedingter Verschleiß, Schäden aufgrund falscher Montage, Vandalismus, höhere Gewalt.