Add-on slides PH 60 cm

Add-on slides PH 60 cm Start

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Add-on slides PH 60 cm

Product description "Add-on slides PH 60 cm"

  • Material Stainless steel
  • Recommended age group -
  • Play Value Velocity
Add-on slides PH 60 cm

Technical data
"Add-on slides PH 60 cm"


Entire product properties

  • MaterialStainless steel
  • free falling height60 cm
  • Catalogue index termSlides
    Add-on slides
  • Foundation levelFL 1
  • foundations1x CF or 1x PFs
  • impact protection net11 m²
  • Minimum space310x354x76 cm
  • Play valueVelocity


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"Add-on slides PH 60 cm"

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