A beery play world for little holiday guests

Hops, grain and water are not only the ingredients for a popular cold drink, but also the thematic template for an unusual hotel playground.

At Beer & Wellness Hotel Gut Riedelsbach in the Bavarian district of Freyung-Grafenau, everything naturally revolves first and foremost around the well-being of the guests, but an old traditional craft that still belongs to the hotel today is also cherished and cultivated with dedication: brewing beer. The popular drink is produced in the hotel's own brewery and enjoyed in the hotel restaurant. In the brewery culture museum and in the "1st beer brewing garden", interested guests learn everything about the living history of their favourite drink.

And while the adult guests enjoy a glass of the fine brew, the cultivated time-out in the hotel, the culinary delights in the restaurant as well as the beautiful landscape and the good air of the Bavarian Forest, the youngest holidaymakers get their money's worth, of course completely alcohol-free, but with all the more fun in the eibe play world. It's obvious that beer plays a role in this hotel playground. Because in the brewery playground world, the ingredients for the homemade beer - hops, grain and water - are the theme for the loving play and decorative elements.

They are very tempting at the entrance to the hotel's play world, but the thirst remains unquenched. The children balance dry-footed over these funny oversized wooden beer glasses and mugs.

At the play unit with its water basin and stainless steel crank pump, water plays an important role, just like in the adjacent brewhouse. In the midst of a spacious sand play area, it's great to dig and mud in the summer temperatures.

"Dad, haven't we seen barrels like this in the museum?" The thick beer barrel through which the smallest hotel guests crawl on the eibe paradiso play unit could be borrowed straight from the beer museum. Fully adapted to the safety requirements for toddlers, they can start their first climbing attempts to their heart's content on the paradiso mini brewery. Artfully carved hop cones and ears of grain decorate the two play towers of the climbing unit made of natural robinia wood, which offers versatile climbing and playing fun with its ascents, crossings and a slide. For advanced climbers, the balancing course is the number one attraction. Young and young-at-heart climbing fans enjoy the challenges on the balancing elements up to a height of just 1.5 m above the ground.

With so much fun to play and move around, there are of course plenty of opportunities to take a breather, chill out and relax - after all, it's holiday time. There are two hammocks for lying down and watching a relaxing cloud movie, and the swinging nest swing makes you feel almost weightless.

There is certainly no chance of boredom for the little guests of Hotel Gut Riedelsbach. Parents can relax and treat themselves to a second favourite beer.
All playground equipment at Gut Riedelsbach from the eibe product brand paradiso is made of high-quality, particularly robust and durable robinia wood, whose charisma perfectly matches the nativeness of the environment and the enjoyable tradition of the hotel in the middle of the Bavarian Forest. All the wood used is from sustainable forestry and FSC-certified.

As a specialist for individual play worlds, we can respond to the special conditions of the location, plan and manufacture to measure. Find out more about imaginative eibe playground worlds for the hotel and catering industry as well as leisure facilities in our special brochure "Leisure time - creating unforgettable adventures".

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