Climbing challenge at the inMotion leisure park at Lake Steinberg

A demanding climbing course at the foot of the world's largest walkable wooden sphere provides fun and a sporting challenge


„Experience movement“– the inMotion leisure park

On the western shore of the Steinberger See recreation area in Bavaria, the inMotion leisure park offers a cross-generational leisure experience with a 40-metre high walkable wooden adventure sphere as the main attraction, a climbing trail, playgrounds, regional gastronomy and exclusive holiday homes.

Play fun and movement promotion

The motto "Experience movement" is the core of the park concept and at the same time the concern of inMotion PARK. By linking experience, movement and knowledge transfer, guests experience the fun of physical activity in a natural environment. In contrast to pure fun and action parks, the operator wants to make a contribution to promoting movement and thus health, especially for children and young people. For this, the leisure park was awarded the ADAC Tourism Prize of Bavaria in 2020.


Sporting challenge on the climbing course

Since the start of the season in May 2021, the eibe climbing course has been a new sporting activity highlight in the adventure world by the lake for park guests young and old. The course, made of untreated larch plywood, complements the natural appearance of the park. It consists of several interconnected circular paths that offer a variety of exciting climbing and balancing opportunities. Without any additional aids, the climbers can climb between ground level and a height of up to 2.45 m up and over the exciting obstacles from platform to platform to the next level of difficulty. In the process, they playfully train motor skills, strength and endurance and strengthen their sense of balance, body awareness and risk assessment.

The design of the trail allows speed and skill competitions for small groups or whole school classes. Benches for resting and retreating are integrated into the course, and two large sun sails next to the facility provide shade on hot summer days. In its first year of operation, the climbing course has already attracted more than 15,000 climbing enthusiasts between June and October and has so far met all expectations of the park management.

„The climbing course is not only a great adventure for our little park guests, but also a challenge for the parents who climb after their kids, which is simply fun. We enjoy enthusiastic visitors every day!“
Milena Ostner, Operations and Marketing Manager inMotion PARK


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