Water march!

Water Playground in Bachgärten of Schonungen

Splashing and experimenting fun at the water playground Bachgärten in Schonungen

Refreshing and above all exciting fun for little naturalists and water rats is offered by the new large water playground Bachgärten in Schonungen in the district of Schweinfurt in Bavaria. Employees of the municipality have created a flagship in terms of public play space in the district on their own initiative.

Schild "Spielplatz Bachgärten" Bild auf den gesamten Spielplatz neue Wasserspielanlage Wasser- und Sandspielanlage Kind guckt in Kamera Wasserspielanlage Blick von unten Detailansicht auf Stahl Wasserspielanlage Blick von Seite Kinder spiele gemeinsam Kind plantscht Wasserspiel aus Stahl Mädchen spielt mit Wasser Junge bewegt Wasserrad Junge öffnet Schieber Sonne strahlt auf Wasseranlage Junge pumpt Wasser Stahlendes Kind leuchtende Kinderaugen

Playing with water and sand is not only a lot of fun, but also has a high educational value. A water playground offers children an excellent opportunity to train their understanding of science, to experience natural phenomena up close, to experiment and to be creative. In addition, the children train their motor and social skills. The water playground is designed as a hilly landscape and invites the children to experiment with the fascinating element with its versatile water games made of stainless steel. The water from the Steinach stream is pumped up manually with a crank pump and then finds its way down via gutters. Of course, only after it has been dammed, diverted and driven by the children in funnels, basins, through weirs and cogs. At the end of its exciting journey through the water landscape, it does not simply seep away: through an ingenious pipe system, the water is channelled, for example, into a directly adjacent Kneipp basin, or another pipe ends at a sand and mud playground with a sand lift and suspension railway for the very young.

Wasserrad Junge kurbelt Kind an Wasserspirale Ziehwehr geschlossen Ziehwehr wird geöffnet Wasser stoppt an Zierwehr Blick auf Ziehwehr Sandspielanlage Sandrohr wird bewegt Kind blickt auf die Sandspielanlage Sand wird von A nach B transportiert Steine werden ausgeleert Sandrohr in Spielbrüstung Sicht auf Wasserstraße Trinkwasseranlage

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