The eibe brand world

Great fun for playground users of all ages. Our brand products are versatile and beautifully crafted. A diverse design and top product quality speak for long-term investments. In spite of the low maintenance costs the safety is guaranteed at all times. 

These are the common features of all our playground brands. But what are the differences between the brands and which one best fits best your playground needs? Find here detailed information about our eibe brands. 

Proven and loved from generations: Playground classics for everybody. This clear concept especially suits public playgrounds in rural regions. 

The ecorino range convinces with sturdy quality, modern looks and cost-effective materials. 

This playground concept offers: 

  • Combinations with playing, climbing, sliding and sand play elements
  • Swings and seesaws
  • Themed play units

With this multifaceted yet cost-effective concept, you will satisfy all needs. Durable products ensure low maintenance and running costs for your playspace. 

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Outdoor adventures - with an individual concept for highest quality demands. 

The gnarled, uneven structure of robinia wood gives it great cosmetic appeal. Every play unit looks alive, with natural colours that blend harmoniously with the environment.  

Within this unique design, we offer: 

  • Combinations with playing, climbing, sliding and sand play elements
  • Swings, seesaws, spring rockers and aerial cableways
  • Climbing units and gymnastics equipment 
  • Play houses and furniture
  • Accessories

Robinia wood is strong, long-lasting and pliable. The play combinations are extremely durable with minimal maintenance cost

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With our premium brand unique your public playground or leisure park will become even more creative, exciting and fabulous. Create fascinating play worlds with a distinctive natural character. Small and big adventurers will be inspired by the high-quality products and advanced technology. 

  • Combinations with playing, climbing and sliding elements
  • Interactive panels, 3D parapets and play boards
  • Challenging ascents and daring crossings
  • Adventure ropes

unique is a modular system that can be easily adapted. Whether open and visible or mysteriously winding - you decide about the design and number of play levels. Depending on age and ability, children will discover the ground-level play boards with sensual elements or the higher levelled climbing zones. 

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The eibe active trail product range includes all the fun of climbing, jumping, balancing and supports the physical development of children. Playing on these versatile units will improve muscular strength and agility. At the same time the different courses help to strengthen confidence, improve coordination and train social skills in a playful way. 

Innovative, flexible and versatile: Exciting elements for athletic play fun!

Limitless combination possibilities to create your individual active trail. With different islands and trails conjure up ever new exciting climbing scapes.  

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With minimondo even the very young enjoy exciting play time! Continually evolving to suit the needs of children up to 4 years, the delightfully colourful range of minimondo offers ever new play worlds. 

minimondo offers: 

  • Combinations with playing, climbing and sliding elements
  • Swings and spring rockers
  • Play houses and furniture
  • Accessories

Clear colours and highly recognizable animal and nature motives invite the children to join in. Haptic play elements stimulate the curiosity of the little ones. Touching and discovering, they experience the world with all their senses. Trying things out, wondering, and understanding the correlation – for age-appropriate development of the young child's personality!

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fit is the eibe brand specifically for sports enthusiasts who love the outdoors! Ideal for public areas: sports equipment, fitness units and active stations are popular destinations and increase the attractiveness of the area. Creating generation-spanning activity islands, it covers every aspect of physical activity: 

  • Sport: Including goals, basketball equipment and table tennis units.
  • Fitness: The BodyWeightStation allows the combination of individual training elements.
  • Activity: The intricate courses contain various stations for holistic support of movement. 
  • Relaxing: Seats and hammocks create outdoor relaxing zones for friends and family. 

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This versatile product range is ideal for ambitious educational institutions and supervised areas. Children from crawling age up to 7 years enjoy the great colour and form concept. Functionality and ergonomics combined with attractive design, quality and safety. 

Included in the product range are many components: 

  • Combinations with playing, climbing, sliding and sand play elements
  • Swings, seesaws, spring rockers and aerial cableways
  • Climbing units and gymnastic equipment
  • Play houses and furniture
  • Accessories

The sophisticated features and attractive layout of playo have entertained children over many years. With diverse materials as well as light, colour and sound elements, playing is a sensual experience. 

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Our basis range offers supplementary products for a truly inspiring playground: from benches, individual slides, climbing units and swings, to accessories, spare parts and impact protection. Naturally all products satisfy the quality requirements and are manufactured according to the strict ecological directives of our company. As you would expect from eibe, these products are meticulously designed, manufactured from the best materials and are built to last.  


Enthusiasm to the last detail

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eibe has established itself over the years as the ideal partner for outdoor play areas. But our indoor equipment is equally as appealing and also great value. The new modular system with a natural appearance, offers maximum play value also for smaller budgets. eibiniland is ideally suitable for the design of rustic play worlds indoors. We can furnish indoor areas with vibrant play equipment from renewable resources. 

What makes the play equipment from eibiniland so valuable?: 

  • Highly engaging character of the play units
  • Dynamic challenges that match the demands of the users
  • Versatile colour concept
  • Choice between natural wooden elements and coloured HPL boards
  • Modular themed worlds such as "maritime", "fire brigade", "castle", "jungle", "building site" and "farm"

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Children love to climb trees. It is the feeling of success to reach the next branch fork that makes them grow. This idea gave the design impulse for the eibe climbo brand. The exciting climbo play structure animates children to climb and discover all over the unit. The irregular design and the round wooden posts reflect the versatility and challenges of nature.

  • Play and climbing units
  • Sliding poles, seesaws, nets, ropes, pendulum seats, swirls
  • Varied climbing ascents: V-principle supports risk competence
  • Design inspired by nature: lightness, simplicity, smooth transitions
  • Modern elements like rail slide made of stainless steel
  • High quality processing of timber (constructive wood preservation)
  • Low maintenance due to stainless steel screw connection
  • Easy replacement of spare parts

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