Certified, tested, rewarded

eibe playground equipment is certified!

Talking about quality, sustainability and safety we do not accept compromises. The used materials, play equipment and our company undergoes regular inspections which give you and us the safety that all regulations, standards and laws are being complied. 

Our certificates are the best proof that the quality and our philosophy completely match.

Our products

For the safe play of children, all our products are certified and comply with all required EU standards. The close cooperation and the engagement in the standards committees guarantee that eibe products always comply with the current requirements. Playground equipment from eibe is manufactured in compliance with DIN EN 1176-1 ff and is TÜV certified. 

Fertigung nach Normserie DIN EN 1176-1 ff

The company

eibe stands for consistent high quality and process reliability according to Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015. At all times, we fulfil strict quality specifications in terms of material, design, production, consultation, assembly and service. Rewards like the "Bavarian Quality Price" confirm our commitment to highest quality! 

Zertifikat 2017 Qualitätsmanagementsystem ISO 9001:2015

Qualitätsmanagementsystem ISO 9001:2015

Materials & Environment

eibe acts and operates all in line with Article 20a German Basis Law: fair, responsible and by use of environmentally friendly raw materials. We produce resource-friendly and with optimized material input under the aspect of target costing. Our certificates proof: eibe accepts responsibility by FSC, Ökobilanz, EMAS and the Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015. 

Zertifikat 2017 Umweltmanagementsystem ISO 14001:2015

Umweltmanagementsystem ISO 14001:2015

eibe Produkte werden aus unbedenklichen Hölzern gefertigt