Warranty for playground equipment

Play it safe

Warranty commitment

eibe grants a manufacturers warranty on playground equipment on the following conditions.

  • 15-year guarantee on stability, against corrosion of stainless steel components*
  • 10-year guarantee on stability, against rot and fungal attack on all robinia woods and oiled eucalyptus glulam woods*
  • 10-year guarantee on stability, against corrosion of galvanised and powder-coated components*.
  • 10-year guarantee on stability, against rot and fungal attack on all oiled larch glulam woods*.
  • 10-year guarantee on stability, against rot and fungal attack on all pressure impregnated softwoods*
  •   5-year guarantee on stability, against rot and fungal attack on all on all untreated larch/Douglas fir woods*
  •   5-year guarantee against breakage, malfunction caused by design, processing and material selection*
  •   2-year guarantee on malfunction and breakage of movable parts. Bearings, springs, nets, electronics, wearing parts, wood built into the floor    
      (pressure impregnated softwoods, larch, Douglas fir)

*The guarantee extended for Europe is shortened in the following climatic zones:
Subtropical: -2 years
The countries of the Sahara, Atacama and the Middle East belong to the subtropical climate zone.
Tropical: -3 years  
The tropical climate zone includes the areas located between the two tropics (23° 27" northern and southern latitude) in which the sun is at its zenith at least once a year.

Excluded from the warranty are:

  • Corrosion-related damage to playgrounds which are temporarily or permanently under the influence of saline or chlorinated water, as well as damage to playgrounds which are located closer than 200 m. from the coast/shore
  • Natural wood/material properties
  • Use-related wear (e.g. joints, ropes, etc.)
  • Wicker products
  • Vandalism, deliberate destruction and force majeure
  • Playgrounds which are installed on bark mulch
  • Playgrounds which have been altered due to non-original spare parts, paints or varnishes
  • Damage, in particular changes to the material or colour, as well as corrosion caused by excessively late removal of the packaging or improper storage
  • Playground equipment which was not installed according to our installation instructions or has not been maintained according to our maintenance instructions
  • Damage due to incorrect storage
  • Rust due to scratches or damage
  • Fading of colours (e.g. with high pressure laminates)
  • All modifications unilaterally made by the customer

The period begins on the day of delivery. Outside Germany, the period begins at the latest 3 months after provisioning by the Seller.


Effectiveness of the guarantee is predicated on proper use and appropriate care, where necessary professional repair using eibe original spare parts, as well as maintenance by qualified personnel in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions. The Buyer shall provide proof of proper maintenance (submission of the complete inspection and maintenance reports pursuant to the requirements laid down by DIN EN 1176, Part 7).

Performance of warranty services

The guarantee performance includes free delivery of spare parts; the costs of dismantling and assembly shall be borne by the customer. Where guarantee claims are justified, the Seller is entitled to carry out subsequent performance at its discretion. A reversal of the contract or claims for a reduction of the price on the basis of this guarantee commitment are excluded.
This is, however, without prejudice to statutory claims based on liability for material defects.