Characteristic play equipment for theme parks and zoos

Playground equipment for theme parks and zoos - climbing tower from eibe.
Playgrounds for theme parks and zoos - a boy on a balance course from eibe.
Playgrounds for theme parks and zoos - eibe play unit by the sea.

Unique worlds of adventure and eye-catchers

For families, a visit to a theme park is always a unique experience. Together, children, parents and grandparents dive into fantastic adventures full of thrills, fun and entertainment. Often, they even take a snapshot or two that is later shared on social media. On it: happy faces and - unmistakably - your theme park. eibe strengthens the recognition value of your leisure facility thanks to great play equipment that amazes everyone. Translate the theme and history of your park into fantastic play worlds that underline the play experience and at the same time shape the appearance of your theme park as impressive eye-catchers. Our extensive range offers a variety of combinable play equipment and thematically matching play structures for theme parks and zoos.

eibe adds that special something to your park

Even if the weather isn't perfect, a day at the theme park doesn't have to fall through. The eibe indoor play concepts bring fun and versatile play value under one roof. This way, you are in control of your end of the season. Whether indoors or outdoors, for small or pre-school children, teenagers, parents or grandparents - eibe play worlds take into account the needs of all family members. In addition, they also offer sufficient capacity for larger groups such as school classes or nursery groups so that your park becomes the ideal destination for an excursion. eibe playgrounds for zoos, wildlife and theme parks are characterised by maximum play fun with optimum safety. Even our large-scale facilities comply with all DIN standards and EU directives. Their longevity and durability promise low maintenance requirements with high playground utilisation. As a wood specialist, eibe naturally scores with a full environmental balance and FSC®-certified, sustainable materials that make a statement in terms of environmental friendliness.

From spring seesaws to large-scale facilities: the planning of play worlds for theme parks and zoos meets every budget. eibe finds precisely the right solution - taking into account the legal requirements, safety aspects, educational demands, and play values according to individual requirements. See for yourself!

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