School playground design - the playground as an experiential space for moving and learning

School playground planning - young people climbing on eibe play equipment in their School playground.
School playground planning - children and young people climbing on eibe playground equipment in their School playground.
School playground planning - two smiling girls sitting on eibe playground equipment in their School playground.

A creatively designed playground inspires play and movement

The school playground is an important part of children's everyday lives, because it serves as a place to spend time during breaks and also provides the necessary balance to long periods of sitting in class. At best, it encourages an active lifestyle - even beyond the school day. It is generally known that regular exercise is particularly important for children's health; moreover, it also improves academic performance. A child who moves a lot is more balanced, more concentrated and clearly more receptive. It is therefore all the more important that pupils are encouraged to be active during breaks. Playground equipment designed within the Key Stage framework invites children to play and specifically promotes aspects such as children's risk-taking and problem-solving skills. They motivate a variety of activities, are attractive for all genders and offer opportunities for social interaction.

The schoolyard as an educational space

A well thought-out school playground design serves the wishes, needs and interests of pupils of different ages, as well as the requirements of the education staff. It provides a positive environment both internally and externally, increases the quality of all-day care and enables learning in the fresh air, for example in accordance with the "green classroom" concept. Everyday school life is specifically influenced by the environment, so sports and creative areas are just as important to complement the classrooms as planted areas where pupils can experience nature. In addition, retreats and quiet areas encourage interaction with each other and also allow lessons to be held outdoors. Our school playground concepts for children and young people were co-developed by educational staff. Playing fun and holistic support go hand in hand here!

During the planning stage, budget, legal requirements, safety, educational requirements and play values are taken into account depending on individual requirements - as are location factors and practical and equally attractive design.

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