In the travel footsteps of the inhabitants of Mirow Castle

A play world tells of traveling in ancient times

Mirow Castle, situated on a picturesque island on Lake Mirow in the Mecklenburg Lake District, is a baroque gem with its idyllic parkland and an ensemble of different buildings, open spaces and functional areas. The design of the large adventure playground picks up on the historical scenery of the entire ensemble and tells a fantastic story of the life and travels of the castle's inhabitants in times long past. An adventurous play world for young visitors and their families, which invites them to enjoy plenty of exercise, active, imaginative role-play and daydreaming after their visit to the castle.

Once upon a time there was a princess on a journey…

The courtyard of a castle was a hive of activity in the 18th century. This is where carriages and carriages arrived, goods were delivered, visitors arrived and the aristocratic inhabitants of the castle started and ended their excursions and journeys here.

…by carriage

A detailed play carriage made of natural robinia wood, individually designed for the play world at Mirow Castle, waits prominently between the buildings and castle park for little princesses, princes and their followers to set off on a fantasy journey through the Mirow castle kingdom. Just like Mirow's most famous princess, Sophie Charlotte, who set off on a great journey from here to England in 1761 to become Queen consort to King George III. With its partly abstract, partly authentic look, the carriage is the main attraction on the play area. Up and down, under and over - everything is in motion on the coach of yesteryear. With a façade and carriage wheels that can be climbed through, platforms of different heights, movable spring elements and ascents and descents of varying degrees of difficulty, the carriage offers adventurous little travelers plenty of play value, a variety of movement sequences and stimulation for imaginative role play. Climbable pieces of luggage and a bobbing team of horses are original props in the carriage scene.

…and at sea

Next door, in the "sea of swings", the wind blows around the children's noses. The large, interconnected balancing and swinging facility with its airy construction symbolizes an eventful journey across the sea on a sailing ship. The little passengers float, swing and sway over the surfaces of the sea of swings as they once did on dramatic crossings on the high seas. And for those who need a little break after all the travel adventures and exercise: Next to the adventure playground, a meeting point with wave loungers and shallow floor modeling invites you to relax and dream.

"Once upon a time..." is how magical eibe playground stories begin. Historic places are perfect for themed adventure playgrounds like something out of a fairy tale. In an imaginative way, they create a link to the old days and are an ideal tool for making the stay more attractive and of higher quality for families with children.

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