Unlimited fun and adventure for all daycare children!

The playground at the KITA am Taubergrund with an absolute highlight

In the heart of Edelfingen, a picturesque district of the large district town of Bad Mergentheim, surrounded by idyllic orchards and lush forests, children aged 1 to 6 years can enjoy the varied playground at the KITA am Taubergrund. Here, a combination of our ecorino and playo brands with square posts was chosen, which are not only robust and durable, but also guarantee sustainable playtime fun. Here, children can immerse themselves in a world of adventure and let their imaginations run wild.

Experience a variety of swinging options and exciting climbing adventures

From shared swinging experiences in the nest stool to other active elements such as a standing seesaw and double spring seesaw - the playground offers numerous opportunities to promote children's coordination and sense of community. The log cabin with veranda serves as a place of retreat but also as a stage for imaginative role play. The playground makes clever use of the natural hill and offers a crawling tunnel and a slide for countless hours of fun and adventure. The playo play structure Sam invites you to exciting climbing adventures with various climbing options and transitions, while the slide pole and double slide ensure fast-paced sliding fun.

Unique highlights and an area for the little ones

The absolute highlight of the playground is undoubtedly the tube slide next to the outside staircase, which the children can use to get from the first floor of the kindergarten building directly to the playground on the first floor. The KITA am Taubergrund playground also caters for the little ones. A separate toddler area with the minimondo Salbei play system, a balancing element, a spring rocker and a trampoline especially for the kindergarten offers the little ones safe and age-appropriate playtime fun.