A climate-friendly, natural playground in Fiss

A unique oasis of well-being that combines play and nature in perfect harmony

From vision to realization

The client for this extraordinary project was the municipality of Fiss, which had long wished to create a new playground in the picturesque Fisser Höfe district. Not only the needs of the residents, but also the unique alpine location at 1438m above sea level played a decisive role. Dealing with snow loads in winter and ensuring easy maintenance of the play equipment were of great importance.

Intensive discussions with the local council, in particular with the mayor and deputy mayor, led to the exciting task of developing a concept for a "climate-friendly, nature-oriented playground". The result is a holistic oasis of well-being that now invites children to linger and explore. The existing site was modeled and redesigned by the municipality in line with our vision and "mission of creating play values".

In focus: accessibility, safety and sustainability

A key concern was to create a barrier-free environment that includes wheelchair and baby carriage access. We also took into account the needs of different age groups and revitalized a natural watercourse. The use of natural trees for shade and the integration of new planting were also key aspects of our planning.

The municipality's decision to use natural materials is particularly noteworthy. The choice quickly fell on robinia wood, which is not only robust and durable, but also extremely sustainable.

The safety of the young visitors was always the top priority. For this reason, the entire playground was also fitted with a standard-compliant fence by the local authority. The local authority was able to count on our support when it came to installing the play equipment. Another highlight is the drinking fountain, which provides refreshing moments on hot days. The naturally created sand pit with its great sand play equipment invites children to play and linger.

The positive result and conclusion

With the "climate-fit, nature-oriented playground" in Fiss, we have created a unique leisure oasis together with the municipality that meets the needs of the community and its residents in perfect harmony with nature. We are proud of this project and would like to thank the municipality of Fiss for their trusting cooperation.

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