Cool kids – spectacular moves!

Enthusiastic young movement artists in Krimpen aan der Ijssel

Focusing on the needs of young people

Young people are no longer offered too much in the way of age-appropriate play value and exercise challenges on a classic playground, which is usually designed for children up to 12 years of age. Teenagers are looking for a special kick, want to compete with others, test their limits, go their own way and gain independent experience.

In the Dutch town of Krimpen aan den Ijssel, a rapidly growing municipality not far from Rotterdam and home to many commuter families to the metropolis and the surrounding industrial and commercial locations, the municipal administration wanted to create a play and exercise area that was specially designed to meet the needs of young people. Taking their physical and mental development phases into account and, above all, offering them a high recreational value was the goal in designing the recreational area in the extensive park of a large housing estate.

Made for you!

The team from eibe Benelux was able to present the municipality exactly the right concept with the tough trail. Both the decision-makers of the administration and the young people involved in the design of their recreational area were completely enthusiastic about the planning of a fitness playground. Brand new on the market and unique in its conception especially for children and youths from 10 years of age, the eibe tough trail starts where the children's playground reaches its limits with this target group. The fitness playground here is a freerunning trail, climbing course and hang-out all in one. On the walls, cubes and climbing ramps, the kids practice moving around athletically and creatively with great enthusiasm. In their action-packed game of movement, they spur each other on, support each other, learn from each other and experience respect, tolerance and fair play. The tough trail on their doorstep motivates the young people to exercise, helps them to relieve stress and promotes social interaction.

And Action!

Become a pro, train on the tough trail! A group of teenagers showed great enthusiasm for athletic movement at a free workshop with a freerunner professional organised by eibe Benelux. After the training session, the group proudly presented their remarkable skills at the photo shoot: artistic flips, breathtaking jumps and creative runs over the challenging obstacles.

„At this tough trail facility, teenagers can learn about freerunning in an accessible and safe way. You can practice and expand your skills from easy to difficult. It also provides a great opportunity to give freerunning workshops to a wide audience.“
Arjoen Besorak, freerunner and coach of United Elements

We have compiled all the cool tough trail facilities with detailed descriptions of the spectacular ascents and transitions for you in our current Outdoor Active brochure.

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