A sports and leisure area on a river island

On a river island in the town of Ochsenfurt, a natural recreational area has been created for sport enthusiasts and families

Small town with flair

The small Bavarian town of Ochsenfurt on the Main River is a pleasant place to live. The picturesque old town with its interesting historical buildings, beautiful half-timbered houses and an almost completely enclosed town wall has a wide range of restaurants and nice shops and attracts many guests who enjoy a relaxing stay here. Numerous sports facilities, an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool as well as a well-developed network of cycling and hiking paths in and around the beautiful river valley offer a wide variety of leisure activities and thus a high quality of life and stay for citizens and guests.

Detailansicht Hangeln Kraft trainieren an Ringen mit Bändern trainieren zusammen trainieren macht Freude Detailansicht Calisthenics Gesamtblick auf Anlage Frau macht Hangelübungen schräge Leiter hinaufhangeln Frauen üben parallel Training der Schultern Frauen schlagen ein

Recreation and promotion of movement

As part of an urban development project, an area on the river island was transformed into an attractive recreational area for families and sports enthusiasts. Within easy walking distance of the city centre, recreation and exercise enthusiasts can enjoy a lot of open space, a sports field, nice seating areas and a barbecue area for playing, sporting and having fun together in a natural park landscape.

Calisthenics-Anlage Extreme Sit up Brett Frauen trainieren gemeinsam Hangelringe Frau stützt sich nach oben Hangelleiter Sit up Übungen Blick über die Anlage Richtung Main gemeinsame Calisthenics Übungen Ausfallschritt üben Frau schwingt Beine nach oben Krafttraining durch Hangeln Kraftübung an schräger Leiter Sit up Brett im Einsatz hochziehen an gerader Stange Arme trainieren

"Extreme" sporty with Calisthenics

An eibe Calisthenics facility perfectly complements the sporting offer on the leisure island and is already being actively used by athletes, fitness-conscious people, school classes and clubs. The name of the facility in Ochsenfurt says it all: "Extreme" (visit your Webshop www.shop.eibe.net) is the largest combination equipment in eibe's Calisthenics range. Due to its size and versatility, not only can many athletes train at the same time, but the exercises on the equipment can be particularly well adapted to the individual fitness level.

Calisthenics is a workout that activates and trains the entire musculature with the help of targeted bodyweight exercises. Outdoors, in the fresh air, free of charge and without additional aids, the exercises are performed on pull-up bars, parallel bars, dangling ladders or wall bars. Calisthenics training is enormously effective and improves, for example, maximum and explosive strength, strength endurance, body tension and coordination. From teenagers to seniors, everyone can get their body in shape here, according to their individual ability and training goals

All eibe Calisthenics combinations with lots of interesting information about the sport can be found in the current Outdoor Active brochure.

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