Natural Fitness inspires the desire to move

A fitness trail in the Maiskamp residential area in The Hague offers residents a balanced whole-body workout

Living spaces become movement spaces

On a natural, undeveloped open space not far from the surrounding residential neighbourhoods, exercise enthusiasts of all ages train at the exercise stations of the eibe Natural Fitness course. Promoting physical activity is an important component of sustainable and future-oriented urban development in The Hague. With this in mind, the municipality's planning goal was to create a sports and exercise space for everyone in the district.

Your own body, the best training tool

The sports park at the Maiskamp is a low-threshold offer for citizens who want to do something for their own well-being and fitness, practically on their own doorstep – in the open air and free of charge. The athletes only need their own body weight for the workout at the fitness trail stations. The intensity of the training is determined by each individual, according to his or her own ability. The effort is worth it: the joy of exercise increases automatically with the fitness successes. The Natural Fitness stations in The Hague are made of robust robinia wood. The natural look and the extremely resistant properties of this type of wood fit perfectly into the surroundings of the sports park and underline its natural appearance. In combination with the stainless steel bars and fittings, the stations are also low-maintenance and easy to care for. A panna playground, also made of robinia wood, complements the sports facilities in the park and is a popular place to go, especially for young residents.

You can find the complete eibe sports range with lots of interesting information in the current issue of our Outdoor Active catalogue.

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