From an asphalted area to a versatile movement landscape

Sporting activity and challenging climbing equipment meet rest areas and meeting points

Requirements profile

  • Complete redesign of the schoolyard
  • Open space concept by eibe
  • Good balance between investment costs and achieved play value/quality of stay
  • Target group pupils in grades 1 to 8, i.e. approx. 6-14 years old
  • Conversion of a predominantly asphalted area into a versatile movement landscape
  • Addressing the diverse interests of pupils
  • Movement, sport, play and communication as the most important functional focal points
  • Low-maintenance and at the same time aesthetically pleasing floor covering
  • natural materials for equipment and partly in the fall protection area
  • robust and high-quality equipment
  • Concept and realisation in cooperation between engineering office, construction company and eibe/playground equipment manufacturer


Planning presentation & concept

Conclusion & Feedback

In the course of the expansion of the free Christian school in Schwenningen, the schoolyard, which is currently very dreary and almost completely sealed with asphalt, is to be fundamentally redesigned. For the primary and secondary school, the aim is to develop a sustainable playground concept for pupils between the ages of 6 and 15.

The challenge is to organise suitable solutions in the form of attractive play and exercise facilities for a variety of different needs on a relatively compact area. Each schoolyard should also develop its potential as an important social experience and communication space for pupils and teachers.

Based on the initial considerations and wishes of the school, a combination of balancing and climbing equipment, sports facilities such as a football pitch, streetball, horizontal bar, bouldering wall and versatile meeting places was chosen in close cooperation with the play equipment manufacturer eibe. These were brought together with a varied ground and fall protection concept into an overall design.

The company eibe was chosen as the planning and equipment partner. They produce play objects of high quality and functionality and guarantee the highest standards in terms of safety, environment and sustainability - key factors for future-oriented schools.

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