Redesigning the school playground area with play, exercise and sports facilities

The playground of the community secondary school in Burbach-Neunkirchen is no longer boring

Requirements profile

  • Close cooperation with open space planning office (Dipl.Ing. Thomas Laufenburg, 57234 Wilnsdorf)
  • Integration of eibe objects into the concept of the open space planning office
  • High play value and movement incentives
  • Challenge level through graduated degrees of difficulty
  • Promote the flow of play in a very confined, elongated planning area
  • Target group: pupils in the 5th to 10th grades, i.e. approx. 10-16 years of age
  • Conception of a tunnel slide in a steep slope
  • Safe, low-maintenance and at the same time aesthetically pleasing floor covering
  • very robust and high-quality equipment due to the pressure of use
  • Concept and realisation in cooperation between engineering office, construction company and eibe/playground equipment manufacturer


Planning presentation & concept

Conclusion & Feedback

Even after a longer period of use, the school management is still extremely satisfied with the implementation of the various play and exercise areas in their playground. The pupils like to take advantage of the offer often and distribute themselves in a balanced way to the different zones according to their needs. The multi-sports field has coped well with the intensive use so far and is also used for sports lessons during the hot months. A highlight is the large tube slide, which is often used as a shortcut between the different levels of the grounds.

We wish the whole school a lot of fun with their eibe playground!

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