A near-natural playground concept wins

eibe Switzerland with its successful participation in a project competition

Requirements profile

  • Preliminary project competition with rough ideas won by eibe Switzerland
  • Detailed elaboration of the project in close cooperation with a project team
  • Customer requirement: Turnkey complete planning and implementation, all from one source
  • Target group: Children and pupils of the "Lower School", under 10 years of age
  • Main requirement: Complete solution of the whole square, as close to nature as possible



  • Zoning of the square into different play areas, from active to chill out
  • Inclusion of the slope and the hedge, including platforms around the trees
  • Intensive planting around the equipment, ground cover on the slope
  • Use of natural materials (robinia wood, wood chips, grass, gravel, stones)
  • Playground with many different play values and transition to the slope
  • Course with direct connection to the main facility
  • Water feature; mud kitchen and sandpit in the quieter zone
  • EPDM play area directly in front of the building
  • Benches and tables under a shade sail as a natural classroom
  • Complete realisation under the direction of eibe Switzerland as general contractor


Planning presentation & concept

Conclusion & Feedback

The customer was and is extremely satisfied with the end result. Or to put it another way, according to our company motto: "The customer is completely delighted!" The requirements could be fulfilled to the maximum and the budget offered was adhered to exactly. The overall concept is still pleasing even after the realisation.

And the most important and positive feedback: The children love the place!

You too can design your near-natural schoolyard with our ideas and concepts and the entire project realisation by eibe.

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