Full focus on play values

The playground at the Turmmatta primary school in Naters offers plenty of fun and challenge

Requirements profile

  • Project enquiry via a landscape architect, complete planning of a playground
  • Already several projects successfully realised together
  • Customer requirement: Visually open play equipment with extremely high play value
  • Target group: Primary school children from 6 - 12 years but also smaller children
  • Main requirement: to configure a play equipment that meets all requirements



  • Standard play equipment slightly modified and adapted to the square dimensions
  • Evaluation and selection of offers by project group
  • Project gain through eibe, but the facility has to be adapted again
  • The highlight is the new type of course ascent ramp
  • Difficulties lie in the slope and the surrounding asphalt
  • Solution to all problems through terraced construction
  • Preparation of detailed level plans for the architect by our planner
  • Takeover of the complete installation by eibe and their partners
  • Difficult measurement and installation due to maximum space utilisation
  • Perfect installation and compliance with all standard requirements


Planning presentation & concept

Conclusion & Feedback

Everyone involved was and is very satisfied with the playground. The utilisation of the available space, the open structure of the equipment, the quality of the materials, the workmanship, the many different play values and the smooth running were completely convincing. The most important feedback, however, clearly relates to the course ascent ramp. The pupils seem to queue up every school break to be able to compete on the "highest difficulty".

If you too would like to redesign your playground, which may present challenges or need increased play value, then get in touch with us.

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