Exercise, sport and play for all generations

The city of Linz invested in a sporting leisure facility for young and old in the "Kleiner Weikerlsee" recreation area in the Pichling district

The consequences of the Covid crisis on the health and psyche of children, youths and adults with the closure of day-care centres, schools and recreational facilities clearly show how important it is to have a publicly accessible, free offer of sports, exercise and play space in the open air, especially for people living in urban areas. The city of Linz has recognised this and taken action. As part of the investment package "Pact for Linz", it realised an important sports project in the local recreation area at “Kleiner Weikerlsee”, which offers all citizens - children, young people, adults and senior citizens alike - an attractive offer for sporting leisure activities in a near-natural environment.


A city district in motion

With the sports and play equipment from eibe, attractive incentives for movement were created in the new multi-generational movement park of the popular leisure area for those seeking recreation, regardless of their fitness level or age. On the spacious grounds, various interrelated activity zones enable both functional training and playful exercise with a fun factor for kids and young-at-heart adults. The variety of possible types of exercise and training components is remarkable.

A climbing adventure trail is the top attraction for all those looking for excitement and a special sporting challenge. Challenging climbing fun without additional aids: from platform to platform with strength, concentration and agility over the versatile ascents, transitions and obstacles in different degrees of difficulty from ground level to high up over 2 metres. Whether it's net bridges, twisted beam crossings, shimmy ropes, balance beams and much more, moving up to the next level of difficulty is fun, rewarding and motivating to continue and come back. Thanks to the clever design of the trail, speed and skill competitions for small groups or entire school classes are also possible

The different zones of the movement landscape are connected by activating individual elements to strengthen muscles, balance and endurance. Bouncy flowers, trampolines, a belt walkway and various rotating and swinging objects provide variety and movement diversity in the training process.

Those who want to do something for their cardiac health as well as their mobility in a gentle way complete a training unit at the five movement stations. A run consists of a leg and hip trainer, stepper, cross trainer and a TaiChi plate. A great workout for people for whom a gentle full-body workout is indicated.

Calisthenics, a body weight training that activates the entire musculature of the body with the help of targeted body weight exercises, is popular with professional and recreational athletes thanks to its high effectiveness and uncomplicated feasibility. At the two calisthenics facilities in Linz, fitness enthusiasts of all ages and training levels steel their strength packages - in the fresh air and without having to go to the gym.

In addition to the positive effect of promoting exercise and thus health, a fitness park brings people of all generations, fitness levels and abilities together, breaks down barriers and promotes social interaction in the city and community. An outstanding urban planning project that is gladly accepted by the population.

Are you planning an exercise park, multigenerational park or fitness playground for your city or community? Whether you have little open space or a large area at your disposal, or complex terrain situations require special planning approaches, our eibe expert advisors and a competent planning team will be happy to advise and support you in the design, elaboration and realisation of your ideas and wishes. Please feel free to contact us here!

You can find detailed information about the eibe fitness range in our Outdoor Active brochure. Discover the whole eibe world of play and movement with all the popular classics for every target group and every play and movement space in our catalogues and special brochures for browsing online: https://www.eibe.net/media/downloads

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