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In residential quarter I in the new Hubland district, playgrounds create high-quality open spaces and meeting places

With the conversion of the former US military area near the university campus at Hubland (approximately the size of the old town), the city of Würzburg had a unique opportunity for modern, sustainable and family-friendly urban development and the creation of urgently needed housing for a large number of people. For seven years now, a new, lively district for families, seniors and students with a high quality of life has been created at Hubland in Würzburg. Greenly designed neighborhoods with a diverse mix of housing types, service and local supply offerings, social infrastructure, and sports and leisure areas make the new district a showcase project in terms of community-oriented urban development policy.

The Bavarian State Garden Show held on in this area in 2018 represented a milestone for the development of the new urban district. The green spaces created for it serve as attractive open spaces and meeting points for residents.

Safe places to play and stay right in front of your home

Where families live well and enjoy living in an urban environment, they need - apart from the necessary infrastructure such as childcare facilities, schools, public transport and a good local supply - mainly space for personal development and get-togethers, but also retreat and safety. In Residential Quarter I in the Hubland district, green play and meeting oases were created in sheltered areas between the residential buildings for residents of all ages.

With their natural, appealing design, the play areas fit in harmoniously into the residential complex and enhance its appearance and quality. Families with children will find a wide range of safe play opportunities right on their doorstep. The targeted distribution of the play areas makes them connecting links between the neighborhood buildings. In the "green living rooms" of the neighborhood, there is not only recreational fun for the youngest neighbors, but also encounters and thus integration. This strengthens neighborly cooperation and creates identification with one's own neighborhood.

The little residents can enjoy playing on the eibe playground together with their neighbors' children. All playground classics are represented here: Spring seesaws for fun alone or in pairs, challenges on balance and climbing structures, slide and swing fun, a sandbox and a play structure of the eibe brand minimondo for climbing and sliding inspires even the smallest residents. From the seating in the green play oases, the playing children can be comfortably supervised and they invite everyone to linger and have a neighborly chat.

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