Play, sport and recreation –
a school playground fulfils its mission

The newly designed schoolyard of the JH Donnerschool is part of an overall educational concept and inspires pupils and teachers of the small school for special needs education.

An educational place and living space where happy school children receive individual support, are encouraged according to their abilities and are given the opportunity to independently discover and develop their own talents - these are the educational guidelines of the JH Donnerschool in Hilversum.

With this in mind, the school's pupils and teachers naturally had a say when it came to redesigning the school playground. After the extensive renovation and modernisation of the school building, the school's large outdoor area was also to be upgraded in a fitting style and in line with the school's core values. The aim of the redesign was, in addition to more play value and a diverse range of exercise, to create a balance between active and quiet play, between sporting exercise and sufficient opportunities for exchange, recreation and retreat by skilfully zoning the outdoor area.

Maximum variety of play and movement for the breaks between lessons

The planning team from eibe Benelux B.V. worked together with the school management, teachers and pupils to develop a playground concept that takes into account the wishes and needs of pupils and teachers and reflects the school's core values.

After the redesign, the spacious schoolyard area offers the approximately 80 pupils aged between 4 and 12 years a colourful mix of cheerful play and sports equipment, plenty of space for exercise, to let off steam and to relax during the non-teaching time. And when the weather is nice, a lesson outside in the schoolyard is a great thing to do.

On the large climbing apparatus, the children playfully master physical and motor challenges, train flexibility and body awareness and learn to better assess risks. The kids experience action and fun together at the goal wall shooting, they train their strength and muscles on the horizontal bars and a round on the swings provides relaxation and a good feeling for the body. Excitement and variety of movement are guaranteed on the school playground of the JH Donnerschool.

More inspiration for your playground

You can find a lot of information about the eibe playground concept and the suitable play and sports equipment in the special brochure and in the playground catalogue:

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