Versatile play fun with historical reference

For the children of the town of Berkhamsted in the county of Hertfordshire in the south-east of England, there has been a new excitingly designed play area to discover since August 2022.

After the previous playground and its equipment had become in need of major repairs, Berkhamsted Town Council commissioned eibe play to plan a new play and exercise area. The Canal Fields play area is an attractive and family-friendly attraction with a wide variety of fun and exercise activities for children of all ages.

A playground with a connection to the city's history

For the eibe play team, the proud and rich history of the town of Berkhamsted was an inspiration in the conceptual design and provided the themes for the design of this special play space and equipment. From the remains of Berkhamsted Castle, which is close to the playground, the Grand Union Canal which runs right next door, to the history of coal shipments that used to be transported from here all over the country - there is more than enough of a historical setting, exciting old stories and great play equipment to inspire creative play and imaginative role play at the Canal Fields playground.

The play world was designed for children between the ages of 2 and 12 and supports a wide range of children's needs and abilities with its variety of play options and challenges. Long-lasting fun and lots of exercise are guaranteed. The little adventurous visitors are captivated anew every time – no chance for boredom here.


Robust naturalness

The natural, imaginative look and the variety of the eibe brand paradiso - made of robust robinia wood - was perfectly suited for the design of the play world in Berkhamsted. A large climbing unit with three towers and many challenging ascents and transitions for climbing, shimmying and balancing and a large tube slide offers a lot of play value, challenges and incentives for movement.

Under shady trees, at the centre of the play area, the proud play ruin of Berkhamsted Castle is enthroned on a small hill. Here, little adventurous damsels and knights can explore the remains of their castle, climb it and have fun sliding down a wide slide. Right next to it, the Berkhamsted coal train, complete with tunnel, awaits little train crews in its station. With imagination and climbing fun, the little passengers accompany the funny train on its journey through the fantastic play world of Berkhamsted.

Around the central large play equipment, there are of course other great playground classics that never fail to delight: a large sand play area, a play structure for climbing and sliding for the youngest children, a climbing tree, fun seesaws and swings. Some of the existing playground equipment could be renovated and now delights the little visitors of this beautiful play world in new splendour.

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