Beach feeling for action kids at the Santa Monica Pier in the Movie Park Germany

A cinematic play setting around the Baywatch Tower

The Santa Monica Pier playground in the Movie Park Germany offers beach feeling for the youngest park guests. It's lively, fun and refreshing, almost like being on the beaches of California, when the kids climb the Baywatch Tower for a panoramic view of the surrounding beach hustle and bustle.

The Beachtower, which is lovingly designed in aqua colours, is especially playful: depending on their age and individual abilities, the little lifeguards climb up a staircase, a sloping net access or a climbing wall with a rope. And if the play heroes need to go fast, they can rush down one of the two slides. The design of the play tower was based on the original beach design: detailed decorative elements such as a lifebuoy, a swim board and of course the flag, which should not be missing on any Baywatch Tower, will delight the little ones and encourage imaginative play.



What else there is to discover from the tower's play platform in the beach and sea play world of the Santa Monica Pier in terms of fascinating play attractions is no less captivating. There is even a climbable giant fish with all kinds of playful inner life cavorting on the sea blue. He has also brought along two dolphins to bob over the waves of the playground sea.

Next to the funny sea dweller, an old shipwreck lies on the bottom, little deep-sea divers balance between its remains and shimmy over towering ship masts. Catching the wind! Cool bobbing fun on the beach - also for two - on the spring-loaded beach surfers.



The large water play area with its paved watercourses, weirs, water spiral, pump and a funny water mushroom offers cool water to touch and cool down on hot summer days. The area is reminiscent of the exciting play of water between tidal rocks and invites you to experiment. Heavenly blue awnings provide pleasant shade.
The sound of the waves, the sea breeze, the smell of salty air - you almost think you can hear, feel and smell it at the Santa Monica Pier adventure playground at Movie Park Germany.

The eibe playgrounds are mainly made of robust robinia wood, which gives each piece of playground equipment a natural liveliness due to its irregular wood structure. Like all eibe play equipment, they are made exclusively from FSC®-certified wood (COC - Chain of Custody) from exemplary forestry. The water play elements are made of high-quality stainless steel.


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