A school playground for all

The new playground at the primary school in Zell am Main: a great break and exercise space in the fresh air for the pupils, a popular playground outside school hours for all the children in the community.

In the course of constructing a new building for the lunchtime supervision of the primary school in Zell, the opportunity was seized and, with the support of public funding, the school playground and a school garden were redesigned.

The invitingly designed playground is a quiet zone with many seating options under shady plane trees, offering the children opportunities for retreat, communication and recreation. The adjoining large climbing structure made of natural robinia wood provides plenty of opportunities for exercise during break times. At the versatile ascents and transitions of the high climbing garden, the primary school children always find new challenges that grow with them. Climbing walls, challenging net climbs, chicken ladders and balance beams between the play towers - through the versatile movement sequences, the kids train strength, coordination and their body awareness. Climbing is not only great fun, it also strengthens the body and mind, compensates for sitting still for long periods of time, promotes concentration and thus makes them fit for learning again (https://blog.eibe.co.uk/climbing-for-children-2/).

Opposite the large climbing equipment, the low balancing structure invites children to exchange news, observe and chill out together while comfortably balancing between bars and the jumble of beams, or lounging on the net couch. The great thing about the new school playground at the primary school in Zell: You don't have to leave here after school or during the holidays - it is also available to the pupils and all the children in the community outside of school hours.

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