Play fun under monument protection

An inclusive playground in the castle park of Schönefeld Castle in Leipzig


Playing and learning in historical surroundings

In the park of the historical ensemble of Schönefeld Castle in Leipzig, an attractive and barrier-free play world was created that takes into account the goals of monument protection and pedagogy. The concept for this special school playground takes all requirements into account: the school’s pedagogical concept, the protection of historical monuments, the historical site structure and the pupils’ needs for play, fun and exercise during non-instructional times.

The structure of the site played an essential role in the design of the playground. Interest-specific and heritage requirements were translated into uses and made visible in functional, decentralised play spaces. The various play points were skilfully integrated into the historic park. The outdoor play spaces are connected by the barrier-free path structure. The pupils are offered a variety of play and movement opportunities, e.g. an integratively designed swing area with a wheelchair swing or a water and sand play area for creative play with natural materials. A small hillside landscape with slope slide, crawl tube and exciting path design particularly stimulates the urge to move. Places to linger under old shady trees with seating platforms offer opportunities for retreat and protection from sensory overload as well as space for communication and social interaction. On the school playground in Schönefeld Castle Park, the children can actively and independently take possession of their recreational space with fun and enthusiasm.

You can download more about the eibe school and playground concept, inclusive play spaces and suitable play equipment here.


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